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Happy Words

"Kansas City's favorite singing mama!"

- KC Parent Magazine

"Vocally, there's no one in the kid's music community that can be compared to Funky Mama. Her voice comes from a higher place."

-Jeff Bogle, Out With the Kids parent blog


"Funky Mama is the most amazing energy you will ever find with preschool kids!"

-Judy Jacks Berman, Director, Rose Family ECEC


“Funky Mama [is] a fun, guitar-playing musician whom our daughters hold in the same high regard as Santa, the ice cream man and their own, not-so-funky mama.” 
– Kansas City Star

“Funky Mama’s throaty vocals aren’t the type that can be sung by just anyone.  Her rich voice has a rock ‘n blues strength to it that recalls the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow…(She is) armed with a fire-engine red electric guitar and one extraordinary pair of vocal cords...” 
– 435 South Magazine


"The best pipes in the kids' biz..." 
– Drew Holloway, singer for the Seattle children's band Recess Monkey



"She is one of the most naturally gifted teachers I have seen in my 30+years in early childhood education."   Tracey Atzeni, Director, Colonial Preschool

Meet Singer/Songwriter

Funky Mama


For almost 20 years, Funky Mama has been "Kansas City's favorite singing mama." She is the only female rock n' roller for kids and families in the Metro Area. She began a career as an on-air reporter for Kansas City ABC affiliate KMBC-TV Channel 9 News, Krista Tatschl Eyler earned an Emmy nomination, covering everything from fires to tornados.  After five years of this intense, on-the-edge life, she became the ultimate crossover artist - “Funky Mama” - singing for kids in a bold, straightforward, funk/soul style that’s imbued a strong sense of narrative phrasing and dynamite energy. She is currently a singer/songwriter and works in SPED at an elementary school in the Kansas City area.


A favorite among families in K.C., Funky Mama scored national recognition when she performed at the 2007 White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C. Only a handful of nationally recognized entertainers nationwide are invited to play “the Roll” each year. One of her songs, "5-Second Rule, " was used by entertainers Penn and Teller as part of one of their documentaries broadcast on Showtime. 

Eyler’s powerful blues-drenched voice sounds like she would be right at home anywhere: singing with any of the great soul singers of the ‘60s, belting out rock n' roll, taking the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, singing folksy jug band standards, belting one out with the best of Louisiana’s Zydeco bands, or soaring over the top of a mesmerizing up-tempo gospel group. Mostly though, Funky Mama’s music is just plain fun.

Funky Mama is energy personified. She sings with an intrinsically deep rhythmic sense that urges on all her terrific back-up musicians. Rhythm is what gets kids’ attention, and Funky Mama's music loaded with it. She offers powerful singing for a generation of kids who don’t often get to hear vocalists with the ability to project their voices while still retaining clarity of diction. Funky Mama has a big voice, and it’s always easy to understand the lyrics.

Says Krista Eyler, “I’ve been singing in musical theatre and playing guitar since I was 15. I started performing for kids in 2005, when I saw that there was a niche to be filled. After I had my first son, I became aware that there were some great ‘dad’ acts out there, but no Funky Mama! What I want most is to teach kids is to love music and dancing with their whole hearts, just as I do.”

Krista “Funky Mama” Eyler’s CDs include ‘Funky Mama Sings: Giggle Jiggle’ (2005), ‘Grandma’s House’ (2006), and 'Moo Juice' (2008), 'Sing!' (2010), and "10" (2015). Krista Eyler is the author of a children’s book, ‘Funky Mama's Grandma's House’ (2007). Funky Mama has also written and composed a rock n' roll musical called Moo Juice: The Musical: A story about 5, five-year-olds making it through one very musical and comical day in daycare. (Rental agreements for Moo Juice:The Musical may made by contacting Krista Eyler through the "Contact Funky Mama" tab at the top of this page.) 


Krista is an established actress, vocalist and composer in Kansas City.

When not performing around the Midwest, Funky Mama is a mom to two funky boys and a wife to one funky, handsome man.

How does

Funky Mama promote early childhood education?


As a preschool teacher, Funky Mama's songs and teaching methods encourage toddlers-pre-K kids to achieve the following goals:


  • Crossing mid-line activities

  • Gross-motor and sensory development through jumping, hopping, trunk rotation, balancing, spinning, twisting

  • Story sequencing and songwriting/rhyming

  • Language development through singing

  • Fine-motor development through sign language

  • Confidence and comfort experiencing music!



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